Inventory of William Marston 1612

Andrew Harris has contributed a transcription of the Inventory of a brickmaker who died in Claines, Worcester, in 1612.

Inventory of William Marson late of White Ladies in Claines, brickmaker taken 26 Oct 1612
Twelve hundred of nealed bricks 18s
Fourteen dozen of crests 8s 8d
Nine dozen and half of gutter tiles 9s
One load of brick ends and one hundred of broken tiles 3s 6d
One hundred and three quarters of side bricks and forty five pieces 2s 8d
Three dozen and four quarrels 8s 8d
One hundred and a quarter of pavements 4s
Two thousand of nealed bricks lying at the house near St Martins Gate 26s 8d
Three dozen and a half of quarrels 6s 6d
Three hundred tiles 4s 6d
Twelve dozen and eleven gutter tiles 10s 9d
One dozen of crests 12s
One wainscot press 40s
One wainscot chair with back 2s 6d
Raw bricks twenty eight thousand £9 2s
Fifteen dozen of raw quarrels 7s