Bricks from Tresavean Mine

Susan Allaway sent us the following information in June 2017.

My Great Grandfather Walter Langford demolished Tresavean Mine Engine chimney (photos of him setting the charges for demolishing the chimney can be found in a book about the history of mining in Lanner near Redruth, Cornwall). He then transported by horse and cart all the bricks to some land he bought in 1920. On clearing the land we have found lots of cart horse sized brick piles covering a lot of the land ( about 100 tons!). There are many wedge shaped bricks for the chimney which unusually was 3/4 brick! It was the tallest one in Cornwall when it was built!
I’ve collected some bricks from the site, interestingly they are sourced from many areas. St Day brick company, Martin Lee More, ( fire bricks) there are wedge shaped bricks for the chimney. Also the bricks that would have lined the boiler.