BBS N. Midlands Bulletin

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BBS N Midlands Bulletin 2 Jan 1975
BBS N Midlands Bulletin 3 June 1975
The BBS N. Midlands Bulletin was edited by F. Celoria, and only three issues were published. We have been unable to find a copy of Issue 1.

Contents of Issue 2
The ‘Harley Code’
A journal?
The ‘scientific side’
Description of brickmaking from Alexander Jamieson’s “A Dictionary of Mechanical Science …” (London 1827)
Notes and Queries
NQ5 London “keeles” 1633
NQ6 17th-cent brick proclamations
NQ7 Harley on Nantwich brick measurements
NQ8 Some N. Staffs brickmakers
NQ9 Hines and more walltiles
NQ10 Staffordshire Blues
NQ11 Anon/ on NCB bricks
NQ12 Exotics: a Greek brick term
NQ13 A French Dobson 1763?
NQ14 A model gazetteer
Tailpiece: Bricks sent to Gladstone Potter Museum

Contents of Issue 3
Bulletins and journals
NQ15 (TP Smith): Some medieval terms for bricks
NQ16 (Gerald Emerton): Ridge tiles in N Staffordshire
NQ17 Staffs bricks and tiles
NQ18 Mesopotamian bricks (NQ12)
NQ19 (LS Hartley) Plinthology
NQ20 (Martin Hammond) A reply to NQ5
NQ21 (LS Hartley) Origin of the word “brick”
NQ22 (Martin Hammond) Additional note on NQ8
NQ23 (Martin Hammond) Early blue bricks in NQ10
NQ24 (Martin Hammond) Query on NQ11 National Coal Board bricks
NQ25 (Martin Hammond) A further model gazetteer for us in Midlands
NQ26 (Martin Hammond) On bricks in Gladstone Pottery Museum in Bulletin 20
NQ27 Moxon’s notes on brickmaking
NQ28 Sources on the etymologies of words for bricks in various languages
NQ29 A Lichfield brickmaker’s inventory of 1660
NQ30 (Martin Hammond) The Guernsey brick scene
NQ31 (Martin Hammond) Brickmaking in Notts, Hants, Sussex and elsewhere